Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Exciting plans!

2012 is looking pretty spectacular from here..

As some of you may know, i've spent the past four years working at a special effects workshop making creature suits, prosthetic limbs, armour... all manner of crazy projects.

When you take the long hours that are common in the film industry and add long hours in evenings and weekends making costume pieces for my own clients, the result is a very tired Flo and some late deliveries.
I've made the decision to leave my "day job" at the end of this year to focus 100% of my attention on my showgirl clients - although it certainly doesn't mean i'm leaving film for good (it's far too addictive, i'll be back in the workshop making monsters and aliens in no time).

So, what's in store for January?
I have some really gorgeous lingerie in the planning stages - they're vintage showgirl styles but made for today's performers, so they're strong and durable (and machine washable!!).
I also have a range of ready-to-wear corsets which i can't wait to make available on my website.  You know me - they'll have strong colours, sparkling embellishments and pretty silhouettes ;)

Another thing i'm looking forward to having time for is photo shoots!
Free time has been a bit of a luxury this year, so next year i'll be making a serious effort to photograph more of my work before it's packed up and sent away to performers all over the world.

Speaking of photo shoots - Here's a gorgeous image from a recent shoot with photographer Alessandro Saponi, model Anneke Hoek, MUA Olivia Wild & Hair stylist Bex Brent (Willis York).
The main fabric is a lush deep emerald silk dupion with hand-dyed lace overlay.  The lace is covered with Swarovski beads and hot-fix crystals in fuschia, meridian blue, violet and deep purple.  The adorable beaded flowers were made especially for this corset by Kate Venables.
I'll be posting more photos from this shoot in the next few days!

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