Saturday, 25 August 2012

Social Media links!

Behind the scenes photos and other every-day stuff..

Do you use Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr etc..?
I use a few social media apps on a daily basis, so I thought I'd post some links for those of you who are interested in seeing what I get up to.
Photos of sparkly crap on Twitter

Most photos are of the projects I'm working on - fabrics, samples, trims etc..  with a few random photos of my morning coffee thrown in for good measure.  I try to post different things on all apps, because it can get a bit boring when you see the same posts from the people you follow on every app.
Random photos of my workroom on Instagram

My #1 app is Instagram.  I mainly post work-in-progress photos and pics of my workroom:
If you're in Instagram, your can find me by searching for username: flofoxworthy

Next up is Twitter, where I post  photos of finished garments and assorted sparkly things.

Pinterest is fun, but I must admit that I don't have as much time to spend on this app - I post a few times a week when I have a chance to sit down and check it on my laptop rather than using my iPhone.

It goes without saying that I use Facebook on a daily basis.  I've been running an internet based business since 2000 and over the past couple of years I've found Facebook to be one of the best business marketing and networking tools ever.

Tumblr is something that I rarely remember to update but I still check up on at least once a week (mainly to see what the people I follow are posting).

More random photos of my workroom via Instagram

Venus Starr - Burlesque Showgirl

Venus Starr (NZ) 

Burlesque & Circus performer

Venus Starr photographed by Jocelen Janon
Venus Starr is a popular circus performer and showgirl based in New Zealand - you may recognize her as the blonde bombshell who models the Bikinis on my website.
I love making costumes for Venus - with her platinum hair, incredible figure and colourful tattoos she's become one of my favorite clients and a spectacular model.

In these first two images, Venus is wearing a black sequin corset & bra with white skull detail and red beaded fringe.  Venus often performs at tattoo conventions, and this costume works well with that aesthetic.
Venus Starr photographed by Jocelen Janon

This these next photos, Venus is wearing a metallic gold costume which I made for her earlier this year.  The costume consists of a bra, corset, shorts, G string and pasties with matching shoes - most of which she removes during her hula hoop act.
Venus Starr photographed by Jocelen Janon

Venus Starr photographed by Penny Nichols
 I'll post more photos of this gold costume shortly - including work-in-progress pics I took while i was making the various pieces.

And finally,  here's one of my favorite images of Venus - wearing a skull print Bikini in LA photographed by Victor Rodriguez.  Gorgeous!
Venus Starr photographed by Victor Rodriguez

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Matchless Snaphots Photography

Matchless Snapshots (Australia)

Featuring costumes by Flo Foxworthy

Strawberry Doll (AU) photographed by Matchless Snapshots (AU)
One of my favourite Australian photographers is Rachel Mia @ Matchless Snapshots.  Her work is clean and crisp, with a very feminine aesthetic.
This first image is from a recent shoot with Strawberry Doll, and features a pair of ostrich feather fans which i made for Rachel earlier this year.  The fans are hand-dyed a lovely shade of peach and have white acrylic staves with Swarovski crystals in the pretty shade of Hyacinth AB.

Amelie (AU) photographed by Matchless Snapshots (AU)
This second image is from a shoot Rachel did with Australian burlesque performer Amelie.
The Poison Ivy costume is one I made earlier this year for Amelie when she entered Miss Burlesque Australia 2012.
I've already featured other photos from this shoot in a previous blog post, but i just couldn't resist posting this new image - i love the clean background, it really brings out the colours of the costume (and Amelie's stunning red hair!).

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Kat Attack Photography

Kat Attack Photography (CA, USA)

Featuring costumes by Flo Foxworthy

These gorgeous photos were taken by the absolutely incredible Cat Pettus @ Kat Attack Photography in California.  Her work is just fantastic!
Venus Starr photographed by Kat Attack Photography
This first image features burlesque and circus performer Venus Starr (NZ) wearing a gold costume i made for her (those beaded tassels were all made by hand!).   Venus is one of my most loyal clients and is a truly incredible performer.

Sophie Nova photographed by Kat Attack Photography
Cat photographed the stunning fetish model Sophie Nova wearing a lemon silk/black lace corset and matching pasties which i made last year.  You can't really tell from the photo, but the whole set is covered in Swarovski jet beads and rhinestones.  I think this might just be one of my favorite corsets :)
Sophie Nova photographed by Kat Attack Photography

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