Friday, 17 August 2012

Matchless Snaphots Photography

Matchless Snapshots (Australia)

Featuring costumes by Flo Foxworthy

Strawberry Doll (AU) photographed by Matchless Snapshots (AU)
One of my favourite Australian photographers is Rachel Mia @ Matchless Snapshots.  Her work is clean and crisp, with a very feminine aesthetic.
This first image is from a recent shoot with Strawberry Doll, and features a pair of ostrich feather fans which i made for Rachel earlier this year.  The fans are hand-dyed a lovely shade of peach and have white acrylic staves with Swarovski crystals in the pretty shade of Hyacinth AB.

Amelie (AU) photographed by Matchless Snapshots (AU)
This second image is from a shoot Rachel did with Australian burlesque performer Amelie.
The Poison Ivy costume is one I made earlier this year for Amelie when she entered Miss Burlesque Australia 2012.
I've already featured other photos from this shoot in a previous blog post, but i just couldn't resist posting this new image - i love the clean background, it really brings out the colours of the costume (and Amelie's stunning red hair!).

For more about Matchless Snapshots:

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For Amelie:

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