Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Miss Burlesque Australia 2012

It's been a while since my last post - but i have a good excuse, i promise!

I've been a busy little beaver over the past few months, making costume pieces for five entrants in the Miss Burlesque Australia 2012 extravaganza.

This year i created pieces for Bunni Lambada, Briana Bluebell, Dezzie Damned, Alyssa Kitt and Amelie - and i'm very proud to say that the girls have done extremely well in the competition!

New South Wales:
Briana Bluebell - First place - Miss Burlesque NSW
I made a royal blue silk corset for Briana, which she embellished herself to match the costume she made.

Bunni Lambada - Runner up - Miss Burlesque Sydney
For Bunni, I made a sparkling costume in shades of peach and apricot.  The outfit consisted of an underbust corset, halter bra, panties, G string, pasties, sheer gloves and hair accessories.

South Australia:
Dezzie Damned - First place - Miss Burlesque SA
Miss Damned was performing a vampire-themed act, and i made her a deep red velvet costume - Long fishtail skirt with matching bodice, worn over a nude satin & black lace corset with matching pastie and G string. All pieces were heavily embellished with Swarovski flat-back crystals and beads in Jet, Siam and Silk.
I also made Dezzie a lace mask/headpiece trimmed with feathers - here's a photo of the mask before i began beading the front.

Alyssa Kitt - First place - Miss Burlesque QLD
Alyssa performed a tribute to Jenny Lee, so i made her a chiffon panel skirt with matching pasties, a feathered headpiece and a G string with sparkling Swarovski crystal bead fringe.
I have no work-in-progress pics from Alyssa's costume, so here's a little video of the beaded fringe as i was making it - please excuse my dye-stained hands and the muffled rockabilly in the background haha!
For Alyssa's second costume, i made a sheer mesh underbust bodysuit which she embellished herself to match her black satin suit.

Victoria ... This weekend!
And finally I made Amelie a Poison Ivy themed costume, with an underbust corset, bra, lace panties and matching ivy C-string and pasties.
The pieces were embellished with custom-made green metallic lace ivy leaves and beaded with Jet Swarovski crystal beads. 


  1. Amazing! I also competed in Miss Burlesque Australia this year but I didn't do half as well as these girls. I adore their costumes! I really really really want them. Especially Bunnis. ;)

  2. Yes it was Willis York! Such a fun show :)

    I have to say your ok is incredible, I just love the floral. Us tier in the previous post, and what an ingenious way to dye lace! :)

  3. Thanks ladies!
    I love being able to do this for a living, sometimes i have to pinch myself to make sure i'm not dreaming haha!

    Vivian - congratulations on competing! It looks like it was a touch competition :D

    Jamie-Lee - Thank you so much, i really love that piece too it was so much fun to make :)