Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Looking back at 2012 - What a crazy year!

The year went past so quickly!

Alyssa Kitt (Australia)
It's now just over 12 months since i left my position as a special-effects costume technician at Weta Workshop to focus all of my time on my showgirl clients, and it's been an absolutely amazing year.

I've collaborated with some amazing photographers and models

Photos (from top of this post):

Alyssa Kitt - photographed by Roxi Dlite
Amelie - photographed by Matchless Snapshots
Lindsey Lou - photographed by Richard Marz / MUA Paradigm Beauty
Venus Starr - photographed by Kat Attack Photography
Lou Macdonald - photographed by Brett Stanley Photography / MUA Claudine Stace
And more!

Amelie (Australia)

I got a little more organised..  

I enlisted the help of a business mentor who gave me some amazing advice.
I started this blog (yay!), and put a lot of photos online via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.  Hooray for social media ;) 

I updated my website, and am in the process or photographing more products so i can finally offer my entire range online.

Hell, I even spent most of New Year's day catching up on my taxes haha!

I got a little more sleep.. 

For the previous few years I was working between 50 - 90 hours a week on film projects, then spending any remaining waking hours making costumes for my own clients (and then occasionally sleeping). 

So this year I've definitely had more sleep - although I have still done my share of all-nighters to meet costume deadlines haha

Venus Starr



I saw a couple of film projects finally make it to the big screen

The biggest one being the first installment of The Hobbit trilogy.  I spent a few years working on the Hobbit films, so it was nice to go and see it with the rest of the crew.

It's interesting when you realise how long it actually takes to go from manufacturing costumes & props for a film to actually seeing the film on the big screen - there are still a number of projects i worked on over the past few years that won't even be completed till next year (or later!).
Lou Macdonald




And finally, I want to thank all my lovely clients from this year.  It's been lots of fun making sparkly pretty things for you!

Lila Luxx (australia), Pineapple productions (New Zealand), Diamond Dance Entertainment (New Zealand), Dolly Cakes (Australia), Velvet Sway (Australia), Allison Pezutti (Australia), MisRed (New Zealand), Mimi Le Meaux (USA), DinahMight (UK/Canada), Jeniffer Starrdust(New Zealand), Leda Petit (New Zealand), Lucy Sky Diamond (Australia), Indigo Blue (USA), Alice Cade (New Zealand), Virtue Van Tassel (Australia), Silla Black (Australia), Sarah J (Australia), Miss La Vida (New Zealand), Bunni Lambada (Australia), Pinky DeVille (United Kingdom), Lou Macdonald (New Zealand), Roxi Dlite (Canada), La Maia (United States), Holly J'Adoll (Australia), Racheal Rae (Australia), Dolores Daiquiri (Australia), Magenta Diamond (New Zealand), Venus Starr (New Zealand), Grace LaBelle (New Zealand), Luna Eclipse (Australia), Tamara W (Australia), Tanya H (New Zealand), Carria-Ann O'Dell (United Kingdom), Sarah M (New Zealand) Phoenix (New Zealand), Sapphire (New Zealand), Briana Bluebell (Australia), Renae G (USA), Alyssa Kitt (Australia), Jacqui Le Prou Samson (New Zealand), Eszter V (Australia), Amelie (Australia), Rebecca Grace (New Zealand), Tessa Von Twinkle (USA), Alethea Austin (USA), Catriona W (New Zealand), Dezzie Damned (Australia), Rosie Rivette (Australia), Angie Pontani (USA), Ruby Ruin (New Zealand), R Smith (New Zealand), Michelle P (New Zealand), Michele S (New Zealand), Julainne S (New Zealand), Etoile Marley (Australia), Sarah Houbolt (New Zealand), Dita Von Teese (USA), Amelia T (New Zealand), Lindsey Lou (USA), Amanda T (New Zealand), Melanie F (New Zealand), Burlesque Hall of Fame (prizes), Jessamae St James (Australia), Amy J-L (New Zealand), Imogen Kelly (Australia), Olatsa Assin (USA), Lilly Loca (New Zealand), Miss Anthropy (New Zealand), Kadi K (Australia), Blaze (USA), Jemma M (New Zealand), Lauren C (Australia), Kate H (Australia), Chiara H (Australia), Juzz S (New Zealand), Sapphire Snow (Australia), Caroline E (Sweden), Rosie Rose (USA), Amanda C (USA), Sandra T (USA), Perrie T (Australia), Lisa H (Australia), Aly Hellcat (USA), George K (Australia), Lytoyah (New Zealand), Heather S (USA), Julie D (Switzerland), Jane H (Australia), Kevin A (Australia), Alex S (USA), Bonita Danger Doll (New Zealand), Willow Noir (New Zealand), Lola Cherry Cola (New Zealand), Michele C (New Zealand), Ceara L (New Zealand), Kim B (New Zealand), Amanda M (New Zealand), Mimoza I (New Zealand), Princess (New Zealand), Ellen B (New Zealand), Jay B (New Zealand), Tali W (New Zealand)
I think i got you all - but if there's anyone I've missed, please let me know!  

Happy 2013, love Flo xx

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