Tuesday, 14 January 2014

21st Century Burlesque 2013 Top 50

What an exciting way to begin 2014 - with the release of the annual Burlesque Top 50 list from 21st Century Burlesque!

This year, as always, the list is full of incredible performers, photographers, producers and more.. including a few of my lovely clients!
I want to offer a HUGE congratulations to everyone who made the list, especially the following people who I've made G strings, ostrich fans and costumes for over the past few years:

#49 Angie B Lovely
#25 Angie Pontani
#21 Catherine D'Lish
#15 Indigo Blue
#11 Trixie Little & Evil Hate Monkey
#7 Dita Von Teese
#6 Roxi Dlite
#4 Imogen Kelly
#3 Perle Noir
#1 LouLou D'vil

Congratulations all you gorgeous performers!  <3

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