Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Happy dance!

This morning i woke up to the exciting news that I've been named on two of the 21st Century Burlesque 2013 bonus lists!
What an exciting and completely unexpected thing to happen - I'm so incredibly flattered and want to say a huge thank you to everyone who nominated me :D

Top 5 costumiers - 21st Century Burlesque 2013
I made it onto the 2013 list of the Top 5 costumiers along with Catherine D'Lish, Christina Manuge, Danial Webster and Adora Belle!

Top 10 Non-performing women - 21st Century Burlesque 2013
I was also named on the Top 10 non-performing women in burlesque!  What a huge honour, i'm so blown away!

I'm doing a little happy dance right now ;)

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