Saturday, 17 September 2016

2015 Top 10 Non-Performing Women in Burlesque

It's been a couple of months since this list was released and i'm still kinda shocked.. 

 21st Century Burlesque 2015 Top 50 - Top 10 Non Performing women in burlesque

I'm so unbelievably honored to be named alongside these amazing women.
I feel so lucky to be able to make costumes for a living - it's all I've ever wanted to do since I was a kid.
Between my gorgeous showgirl clients and my film work, the last ten years in particular have been a crazy blur of long hours, late nights and tight deadlines that I wouldn't exchange for anything.

There are times when i get so caught up with work that it takes me forever to reply to emails and messages, or update my website.. (or write blog posts haha!) but my clients are always so patient and understanding.

Wow - Somehow this post has turned into a teary Miss Universe/Oscar winner speech haha!
Bur seriously, I have my dream job and it's all thanks to the awesome people who trust me to make them stuff <3

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