Monday, 9 January 2017

Measuring yourself the Foxworthy way

Perfect for ordering our Ready-to-wear and custom-made costumes

Art by Ruby Lee
When making a costume, it's important to have accurate body measurements in order to create a garment that fits properly.

All costumiers have their own preferences when it comes to the measurements they require (and use many different names for them as well!), so here's all the information you need to measure yourself up in preparation for your new custom-made costume from Flo Foxworthy.

Before you begin

You'll need to be wearing as little as possible in order to take accurate measurements - a Bra and Panties is ideal, but if it's a little chilly then you can wear a lightweight t-shirt and thin leggings.
Stand up straight, with your arms down by your sides.  If you'll be wearing heels with your costume then please put them on (and if you prefer to be barefoot when you dance, then leave them off).

It's also easier to have a friend measure you, but if not just go slow.

Using a measuring tape

If you know what you're doing then you can skip this step!

When you wrap the tape around the body, it should be firm but not tight - you don't want to be squishing any soft bits and getting an inaccurate reading. Measurements taken in centimeters should be exact to the millimeter if possible. Measurements taken in inches should be exact to 1/16th of an inch.

If you have no access to a measuring tape, your other option is to use rope or string and measure from 

The main thing is to hold your body in it's natural, comfortable way - so don't force suck in or push your stomach out unless that's a part of how you're wearing your costume - And remember the old saying "Measure twice, cut once"!

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